Students are obliged to gain minimum 30 ECTS points for one semester, 60 for the whole year. On the basis of Transcript of Records that we receive from the host institution we recognize the study period as equivalent to ours. If a student follows his Learning Agreement,  passes all his exams and gains enough ECTS points at the receiving institution,  his marks are incorporated into his general study achievements.  Students participating in traineeships do not get ECTS points. Therefore, they have to pass all exams at home institution. However, they are granted Individual Organization of Studies which gives them more flexibility and enables them to pass the semester  without any problems.  Additionally, the Erasmus mobility experience is mentioned in the supplement to the diploma.

Our partner institutions have lists of subjects with ECTS points allocated to them. Students while choosing their subjects know how many points each subject has. At our institution we respect the number of credits that the receiving institution decided on for a given subject.

The allocation of credits at our institution depends on the year of studies, number of semesters that a course lasts and the individual work that a student must do in order to pass the course. The more additional work students have, the more ECTS points are given to a certain subject.

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