EU/EEA citizens

UE and EEA citizens do not need a visa to stay in Poland. After no longer than 91 days of stay they need to visit the local Voivodship Office and register. The applicant must prove that he’s subject to public healthcare insurance, and has enough money to cover the cost of stay in Poland.

Non – EU/EEA citizens

Students of non-EU/EEA countries can enter Poland on the basis of a valid travel document (passport) and a visa- if required. Such student must obtain a visa from the Polish consulate or embassy in his/her country of residence. Details on Polish missions abroad can be found here ( . We would like to stress that the process of obtaining a visa takes over a month. Therefore, it is advisable to make all the necessary arrangements well in advance.

Visa types:

• National Visa (D) allows a foreigner to enter Poland and stay within its borders for up to one year. The validity of such visa depends on the purpose of travel. On the basis of national visa a foreigner can travel to other countries of Schengen area for up to 3 months within a six month period.

Polish currency is zloty (PLN). One zloty is divided into 100 groszy (1 PLN = 100 gr).

Website with current exchange rates according to the National Bank of Poland (NBP):

Currencies may be exchanged in numerous Exchange Offices or in banks.
Currency exchange points are usually located in city centres, at railway stations, airports, in some hotels and in places with higher numbers of tourists.

You may rent a flat independently or ask International Office to help you find accommodation in one of the students’ hostels in Częstochowa:

D.S. “Maluch”
ul. Dekabrystów 26/30
42-200 Częstochowa
tel. +48 34325-02-33

D. S. “Skrzat”
ul. Dąbrowskiego 76/78
42-200 Częstochowa
tel. +48 34361-07-38

D.S. Blizniak
ul. Akademicka 5
42-218 Częstochowa
tel. +48 34325-17-76

D.S. “Herkules”
ul. Sowińskiego 40/48
42-200 Częstochowa
tel. +48 34325-04-99

Health insurance

It’s mandatory for international students to have health insurance in Poland. EU/EEA citizens are allowed to exercise their healthcare rights on a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) basis. Citizens of other countries must buy the commercial insurance policy covering the healthcare costs in their countries, or pay for a voluntary policy in Polish National Healthcare Fund. The policy cost ranges from 36 PLN to 279 PLN monthly, depending on a number of medical procedures included. To get a policy it’s necessary to present the university certificate of enrollment, student ID card, the temporary residence certificate and passport with valid visa or residence permit. More information on

Basic medical care

In order to obtain basic medical care, you must visit a doctor who has signed an agreement with NFZ and present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a substitute certificate. The basic medical care covers tests and consultation with a GP. The doctor may also refer the patient for diagnostic tests, to a specialist or to hospital.


In the case of accident, injury, childbirth, sudden illness or sudden deterioration of health, you must call an ambulance or go directly to hospital, in particular to the hospital A&E department (SOR). The medical transport is free of charge in such cases. The European Health Insurance Card or a substitute certificate must be presented in hospital.
Emergency ambulance service:
from landlines 999
from mobile phones 112

Additional information about the Card can be found on the following Websites:
National Health Fund:
European commission:

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