Why WSL ?

Dear Candidates!

Do you know that in job offers only a small part of the requirements is related to specialized knowledge connected with education?

The vast majority of issues are connected with the expectations associated with creative thinking, communication skills, teamwork, creativity, and ability to plan – the so-called social competencies. In today’s labour market these features count more, in addition to expertise and knowledge of theoretical issues.

Executives and specialists in employment during the interviews look for a diploma, but first of all they ask about soft skills and check them in practice. Those currently occupy a key position. It is a myth that this only applies to people applying for managerial positions. Resistance to stress or communication skills are the features that help us to settle in each job. Employers are aware that it is easier and faster to replace an employee who can not handle the computer than that who can not interact in a group.

Do you know what specialization will guarantee gaining employment in 10 years? Do you know someone who knows?

The labour market is constantly changing. Research indicates that in 20 years the average citizen of our continent will be forced to change the profession up to 7 times. Although the theoretical knowledge and practical skills are an essential element of professional profiles of each person, equally important is the potential of personality that each of us possesses. Success in finding employment consists in 15% of the capacity and efficiency of the candidate’s professional behaviour and in as much as 85% of his personality. It consists of social skills and interpersonal abilities. Those features will not only help you in finding a job but also will contribute in achieving success.

Do you know that you can learn social skills from us?

They are associated with a social sensitivity, openness to others, negotiating skills, empathy, assertiveness and communication skills. We know techniques and methods and thanks to them we can truly develop these skills in our students. University College of Social Sciences so far is one of the few universities in Poland, which takes into account in the curricula the coaching methods and techniques (used by coaches for personal development), effectively shaping the fundamental social skills. Self-presentation, positive use of stress, creative problem solving skills and communication within the group, combined with the expertise of the chosen field of study may give a graduate of UCSS all the tools necessary for a smooth entry into the labour market. They may find themselves in everyday situations.

How to plan a secure future for your professional career?

You will get it from aware investment in personal development in connection with modern humanistic education. It is important to take into account social skills and support them by knowledge of foreign languages, whether modern pedagogical thought. This is what we do in University College of Social Sciences.

What is the secret?

We effectively adapt to the current specializations of education in the labour market demand. Special offers of studies that are regularly widened by programmes financed by EU funds. Currently, we are realizing our two fundamental projects: ‘Conference Translator’ and ‘University College of Social Sciences as a leader in the effective training of teachers.’

We are experts in distance education so we lead authentic 21st Century methodology, carried out in a traditional way are effectively combined with a convenient e-learning system.

Extramural studies consist of only 6 meetings per semester. Thanks to its modern form and organization you save time and money. By using modern tools – you learn modern didactics.

E-learning gives you access to modern education and lets you visit the College 2 times per semester.

We may let you study two specializations simultaneously. WSL/UCSS exclusively provides professional counselling system in the first year of study. Due to specially developed process of observation of classes we will allow you to make a choice of domain which you want to develop.

We take care not only about giving substantive knowledge related to a student’s field of study, but we also shape his/her personality. We develop it individually, assessing the suitability of each of the students. In the first year, thanks to a special diagnosis of predisposition you will learn what your strengths are, how to retain knowledge in the best way. We will show you also how to cope with stress and how to organise your work through appropriate planning and implementation of short- term and long-term goals. Thanks to that you will cope without difficulties with the requirements of studying at university.

We realize that giving information – which in the era of the Internet is at your fingertips – it is not the only and most important task of the university. Therefore, we prefer to inspire than to instruct during classes: teach the use of available knowledge, analysis, synthesis and critical thinking. We treat knowledge as a means to a goal, not as a goal itself. In our undergraduate programs we work by using practical projects.

We are building a true academic community: our aim is to co-educate, not to compete; we work in a team where you can find your place. If you decide that this is your “vocation”, we give you the opportunity to work individually with the teacher and we may invite you to participate in research projects that we conduct. You will also have the opportunity to have your say about the quality of the courses, because our students annually assess the work of their lecturers.

WSL in facts and figures

The facts and figures presented below give you the guarantee that with us you will develop soft social competences:

19 years of experience and effective functioning in the market of educational services;

1600 students;

6000 graduates, including 700 in the academic year 2009/2010;
140 academic and didactic staff: well-known specialists in their environment, recognized authorities in the disciplines of philology and pedagogy, the members of Polish Academy of Sciences and the National Accreditation Commission, but also people with a sense of humour, who can provide knowledge and instil in you a passion;
tens of thousands of philological – pedagogical volumes in the library of the university, in the form of conventional books and electronic collections are available on site and via the Internet;
3 Internet information centres that provide quick contact between lecturers and students and between the Dean’s office and students;
2015 – it is the year when accreditation granted to us by the National Accreditation Commission expires;
14 partner universities in Europe,
10 EU projects,
95% of the students surveyed emphasize that the force of UCSS are the people who work there, people who arouse curiosity and satisfy it. Classes in UCSS are like an amazing journey into the world of skills and knowledge;
100% of commitment, passion and belief in success.
University College of Social Sciences

It is an outstanding scientific and teaching centre. Our development priorities are education and research in the field of:

translatology – training interpreters – we have two modern laboratories for training simultaneous interpreters,
information technology in teaching,
specialized languages for business,
early school language education,
social rehabilitation, social pedagogy,
It offers assistance in the active entry of graduates into the labour market. They are supported by the Officers of Academic Careers Office and acting within its framework Students’ Language Services Office. They help students with preparing job application documents, determining skills and talents and choosing a career and also with showing their best sides to a potential employer. Additional support for our students and graduates is as well – located in the College – the office of Academic Business Incubator;

It implements a unique nationwide conferences and seminars such as “Language teaching to children in early age”, “MoodleMoot Poland” or “Idea of transformation in literature, culture, language and education” and “Interpretation – theory, practice, teaching”. Our students have an opportunity to become actively involved in preparation of those events and to gain experience in organizing similar projects. The development of students guarantees:

scientific interest groups,
schools for placements,
it owns and congressional – translation centre;
WSL has at its disposal 2 fully equipped buildings in the city centre, comfortable lecturers rooms, multimedia room, modern laboratories for interpreting and computer labs;
All current information connected with the College are displayed on big screens placed in passageways;
It cooperates with the yacht club Nautiner Yachts Giżycko so you can actively spend time with us also during holidays;
It takes care of integration and well-being of its students by offering ski trips, participation in sports sections and integration events.

You in 5 years?

We attach great importance to practice, so when you leave the College you will have an authentic experience in the chosen field. It is thanks to our active cooperation with the local community and companies from the region, as well as from foreign institution.

Diploma of University College of Social Sciences is recognized in Poland and in the world so it gives you full qualifications for work. The most important thing is, however, that as a graduate you will possess not only knowledge but above all you will be able to use it in practice.

As our graduate you are well prepared for work. You can find yourself in a new place, you are not afraid of challenges, you are assertive, you know the techniques of self-presentation and negotiation. You know how to plan a career path, skillfully manage your time and appreciate the independence of thinking, mobility and ability to adapt to new conditions. Moreover you can efficiently collaborate with people who come from different cultural backgrounds.

Thanks to great substantial preparation and social competences there are no limits for you to take on new challenges both on the Polish labour market and in the world. As a graduate of the UCSS you have experience, features and strength to occupy prestigious positions in institutions and corporations both in our country and beyond its borders. When you receive diploma of UCSS you become a person who is conscious of his/her knowledge and skills, including those interpersonal. For five years you have been developing in yourself the individual talents and abilities. You know your capabilities and how to use them effectively.

Together we learn how to change reality for the better. We guarantee that all students will discover their natural abilities and a mutual realization of dreams and passions.

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